SSC Launches the Tuatara

Shelby Super Cars have been doing great things with the SSC Aero – and now they’re launching a brand new supercar that; in my opinion; provides even more awesomeness! Much more amazing design, better performance and a great, GREAT name.

One of the best things in life is having a car, most especially if we are always on the go. It is an excellent way of transportation that it does not require us to commute. Commuting is hard because we need to wait for the line. We need to sit beside other people who we do not even know. We pay for the fare and we even cannot be accompanied on the place where we will actually go because they are following a route. However, if we have our own car, we could do whatever we want. We can drive on our own pace. We could be in a hurry if we are late without worrying for someone. If we have our own car, we can go wherever we want. We can even travel in different places on the spot.

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Check this vid out for the scoop!

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The Mercedes-Benz SLR McLaren

The Mercedes-Benz SLR McLaren is a vehicle developed by Mercedes-Benz in conjunction with McLaren Automotive. The SLR stands for sport, light and racing, which puts the car in the running with sports cars like the Ferrari and Aston Martin. The car is actually based off of the Mercedes-Benz 300 SLR format, but with the help of McLaren Automotive, it became much bigger than the 300 SLR.

Today, there are several brands of cars available in the market. All of them promise to satisfy their customer’s wants and needs in a car. The production of new models with its advance and latest technology is non-stop in order to fulfill the definition of the ideal car. However, there is no perfect ideal car in my opinion. People look for cars based on its performance and their needs. For people who love to splurge on fast and luxurious cars, it is obvious that they will choose famous sports cars like McLaren, Ferrari, and Porsche. People who already have families, especially children, will definitely pick SUV types. Thus, creating an ideal car is improbable.

Advertising is now easier with social media sites. Car companies, especially small business, have already taken advantage of it. Some of them even buy instagram followers cheap tactics, to make their page and company look better to potential clients.

Who doesn’t want a car? It is very convenient if you are fond of travelling to different places. It is always a college student’s dream to own a car. They can show it off to their friends, going out for a drive with them at night, have a carpool karaoke, and have long chats there if you are reluctant to go home. Your car is sometimes your best friend. It is your constant companion when you want to be alone, escaping to a place where no one can bother you. There are times where it witnessed your breakdowns, not wanting anyone to witness your vulnerability. But there are times where you had the most fun with your friends, singing the songs on the radio, chatting about almost anything. Sometimes you are with the person you love; even though there is silence between the two of you it is still comfortable. You would stop at the beach or a grassy field and both of you would lie down at the hood of your car stargazing.

To others a car is just a vehicle to get you from one place to another. But to others, a car is more than that. How about allowing javascipt in Internet Explorer if you want to browse different kinds of cars?

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Mazda is all set to recall cars in China

The company Mazda Corporation has announced that it plans to recall its car Mazda Logomodels of 2009 and 2010 in the set of 5 cars as defects have been detected in them. The defect that was detected in the cars was due to the fuel distribution. The total recall will be for a whopping 6, 738 cars that have been sold in the Chinese market.

All the vehicles that need to be recalled are those that were produced between the month of June 2009 and April 2010. The defects that have been detected in them are all about the safety loopholes and this is what goes on to cause corrosion in the connector terminals. The detection of the defects occurred when the water in the fuel oil distribution modules stops as it is not completely cleared. This results in the accumulation of water in the terminals and this causes the corrosion. This kind of corrosion is not what the cars are prepared for or made for and therefore might go on to result in a hazardous dangerous situation.

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Aston Martin Music? Really?

Okay, so I’d like to point out I’m a big fan of Aston Martins — I really am. I read the Aston Martin Fan Blog whenever I’m not busy at work, and I have been dreaming of owning a V8 Vantage ever since it was released a few years ago. If I ever find a way to save up the $155,000 for a good one, it’s the exotic I’d go for…

Why? Well, it has always had class, way more class than a Ferrari or a Lamborghini.

But when rappers start driving around in DBS Astons — I start worrying. Will I soon have to buy an Escalade to be understated classy?

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Pay As you Use Insurance Becomes a Reality Now

If you have been like the millions of car owners fretting and fuming about the car insurance that you end up paying and the mounting insurance premiums for it,Crashed BMW then you have an option now. The MiliMeter which is a pay per usage of the pay per mile auto insurance scheme was launched in the year 2008.

At the moment they have the license to be able to provide you with this kind of car insurance only in Texas but it is going to launch into the other states as well soon enough.

The owner of this company, Chris Gay struck on the idea with a bad experience with his car insurance provider. This is like an antidote to the car insurance company and the phenomenal premium amounts that people are forced to pay up.

The way this new age insurance idea of pay as you go works is that you initially pay for the first 6000 miles and then you can buy online as much as you want to. This offers the customer the right amount of flexibility and empowers them to be in control of their destiny.

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Top Gear guys test the Ferrari Enzo

This has to be one of the most exciting exotic cars to hit the market in the last decade: the Ferrari Enzo. Here’s a great video from the greatest car show ever made (featuring the greatest car show presenters ever alive) testing the Enzo Ferrari.

Eight minutes of FREE Top Gear. This blog is AWESOME! ;-)

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Suzuki plug-in hybrid will be tested starting this fall, lithium batteries sourced from Sanyo

Suzuki SwiftSuzuki will kick off the test phase of the Swift plug-in hybrid vehicles this Fall after the unit has received the go signal from the government of Japan. Sanyo will supply the lithium ion battery pack for the PHEV.

The Swift will use its electric motor with its 0.7L engine to give out a total of 75 horsepower.  The car manufacturer will collect vital performance data when the test units hit the roads of Japan. Suzuki claims that the Swift can go all electric for 0 miles and will be able to go 61 miles for every gallon of fuel.

Sanyo, in a separate report, disclosed that they will supply the lithium ion batteries for the Swift. The company has been manufacturing nickel metal hydride cells for Honda and Ford since 2004.

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Renault is Prepared to Pay Back 3 billion Euros to the French State

According to a report from the French publication Los Echos, Renault expressed that it wants to repay the three billion euros worth of aid money it owes to the French state. Renault LogoThis is worth about US$3.97 billion all in all. Apparently, the car manufacturer’s desire to pay off its debts came right after its rival PSA Peugeot/Citroen expressed the same sentiments. This was reported by Renault Chief Executive Carlos Ghosn.

Just last February, Ghosn was also the one to announce the French car giant’s three billion euros worth of losses. Apparently, 2009 wasn’t such a kind year for Renault, with half of its losses coming from subsidiaries. The company’s sales dropped to 10.8% last year, and despite the car manufacturer’s wish to pay off its debt, it must be remembered that they have also foreseen 2010 to be just as tough on them.

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2011 Lamborghini Urus/Jota Previewed

Older reports have already said that Lamborghini is working hard on the successor of Murcielago. This will be dubbed either Jota or Urus, but there have been no official announcements yet. The latest “previews” reveal, though, that the car will get a maximum height of 114cm and will be driven with the same V12 engine which has been used by the Italian car maker since 2001.

The new engine, though, would have an improved power of over 700 HP. After all, it will have to keep up with its reputation as a “best supercar”. There are a lot of sources claiming that the car will have a carbon fiber body, but a French magazine recently reported that this can’t be the case. They’re guessing that the Italian car maker will have to use aluminum to decrease the car’s body weight.

The debut of the car is slated at a big auto show this year. Quite possibly, the stage will be set for the Paris Motor Show this September. Lamborghini dealerships should have the car for sale by 2011.

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Fit for a Royalty: The 2011 A8 L from Audi

Audi is bringing out their biggest guns for this week’s Beijing Motor Show. While everyone is focusing on the 6.3L W12 engine and the longer wheelbase of the A8 L, we put spotlight on the accommodations that the rear seat of this sedan can offer.

Audi A8LThe Audi A8 L has a 10.24 feet wheelbase and it is about 17.5 feet or about half foot longer than its standard variant. The extra inches bring to life an interior that is fit for a king.

Once you open the rear doors, leathers all over the place will greet you. There will be ventilated and heated seats for two which also feature power adjustment controls. These seats do not only move so you will be comfortable but you get to adjust their back angle, the cushion depth, and how much lumbar support you want.

There are also air bladders which can massage your worries away. If you don’t want the ottoman front seat, you simply press a button and move it away.

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